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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Prolific Day

Yes, I have a day job . . . ugh!!  I should quit saying that; the job isn't bad and it pays the bills.  It's just that the grass is always greener, you know.  I work with numbers all day long and all I really want to do is play with fabric and draw!! 

So today I made a start to get back on track with my envelopes.  I've been somewhat remiss in completing an envelope a day.  I haven't been slacking off, though, as I have done at least a drawing a day and my stack has grown quite large.  I was thinking I could just use some gel medium and attach them to the envelopes before sending, but then I thought maybe I'll just keep my collection.  So I'm back to drawing envelopes.  Here is today's batch that I drew at lunch:

This envelope has a little story that goes with it.  A few years ago I made cards with clay faces and fabric clothes and on the backside I included a story about the person.  They were all very humorous (at least to me) and so I decided that this little person needed her story to be put out there in the world!

After I drew my envelopes, I started drawing on my small squares and this is what I came up with :

This is what I drew yesterday:
I'm just experimenting with all of these pictures, but I like almost all of them because I'm constantly learning something.  I think these squares are 4"x4" (I'm to lazy to go look at one and see what size it is!!)

When I got home from work tonight I had this at my door:
This is from Creative Thursday and the package included postcards, fat quarters, valentine's day card and a print.  I have a new grand nephew that will be born soon so I think I will frame this print for him.  I had purchased seven of the fat quarters earlier so I will add these to those and someday soon I'll get busy with making a quilt out of them.  This is my second set of the postcards; I just love them.

It's been a good day . . . hope yours was also!


donna said...

mJoyce I just love your designs. I see fabric. You are so darn talented. I can not wait to see the baby quilt you are to make. We will need to have a show and tell day.

Cherry said...

I love your envelopes; just love the sweet eyes in your little girls and admire that you practice drawing daily!