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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bummer . . . Big Bummer

The mail was waiting for me when I got home this evening. There before my eyes were two envelopes from IQA. For a few, brief moments I was giddy and actually thought that I was holding my acceptance letters for my quilts. Ah, but it wasn't to be. Both quilts were rejected. I must say I was stunned. For the past two years the number of quilts shown at IQF Houston has decreased and last year especially, quilts were hung that had no business being accepted. I felt sure that my quilts would hang in full glory at the George R. Brown Convention Center later this year. Nope. Rejected. Yikes, that hurts. Oh, well. Life goes on. It'll probably sound bitter when I say this, but I'm not bitter. I just feel like I threw $65 down the toilet and I have no intention of going to the show this year. I'm afraid that I would be judging each of the quilts and thinking "why did that quilt get in and mine didn't". And when I see all the empty space again at the GRB, I will definitely wonder why they only accepted 377 quilts compared to 670 last year. Hmm . . I can assure you that my quilting is impeccable. Heavy sigh. I would say that I'll try again next year, but I do not think that I will waste any more money on entry fees. I know my work is good. I'll just continue to make and give away. C'est la vie!

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