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Monday, May 31, 2010

Is It Dry Yet?

Today is Memorial Day and I decided to try something new. I held out hope that this would be a fun experiment and I would spend all day creating. Turned out, not so much. For some reason I thought that I should be saving the dryer sheets and turning them into art. So today I started by searching other artists to see what they were doing with dryer sheets. One of the first posts I read was about the toxicity of the sheets so I lost some enthusiasm there. My dryer sheets needed to be ironed and so I put a pillow case on top of them and started ironing. I ironed appoximately 10 sheets and then went to the sewing machine to create. My thought was to do a test piece and then work on the idea I had dancing in my brain. So I cut some muslin as a backing, got out the purple disappearing ink pen and drew a simple butterfly. Then I stitched it up on the Bernina and free formed the design. Next I retrieved the paints and started adding color over the thread. I think I would have had better luck with water colors instead of acrylic paints. But, I wanted something that would eventually be washed. I was not impressed with the end result and therefore I set aside the dryer sheets and instead I spent a few hours finishing the 2nd quilt for my cousins. Perhaps I'll post some pictures tomorrow. My hot idea was to piece the dryer sheets together, draw a nice design on them, paint it, quilt it and then turn it into a vest. The layers would probably have been dryer sheet, muslin, batting, backing. Oh, well, perhaps on another day, the plan would have worked. Today it just didn't feel right.

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