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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweat Shop

I spent yesterday downtown at the Four Seasons hotel attending TEI school. I really don't enjoy the classes so much, but it's an easy way to get CPE. Yesterday was no different than the prior years in that the room where the classes were held was freezing!!! At the last minute I grabbed a coat before I left to go downtown. Thank goodness. I did not take the coat off all day. It was miserable.

The afternoon classes were rather boring so I was able to design two quilts. I've made the rough draft and now I've assigned B. the task of figuring out how large to make the blocks to do the quilt. Yippee! Today I did more CPE on line as I realized that this is the year I need my four hours of ethics class. I could attend TEI tomorrow and take ethics, but I opted to just do it online. I scored 100% . . . does this mean I'm ethical???!!!

This is my latest project. I'll let you know how it turns out. I've been out jogging 1.5 miles three times since Monday so I'm doing okay. I'm working on the shape now. Three weddings, a baby and an 80th birthday party are all on the agenda in May and June this year. Yikes!

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