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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scone Time

Getting ready for the oven.

Adding the blueberries. Next comes the chocolate. Everything tastes better with chocolate, right?!

Fresh out of the oven.

First attempt at scones . . . not bad.

I've been contemplating scones for awhile now. They have a nice texture to them and they don't taste like they are packed full of calories. So I did a search on the Cooking Light website and found a recipe for them. Of course, since it was a "recipe", what are the odds that I followed all of the rules. Slim to none. When it came time to add the egg white, I discovered that we were out of eggs . . . completely out. Yikes. I started to put everything in the refrigerator so we could go get eggs when B. went out and started pounding on doors. He tried three of our neighbors to no avail. We saw the 3rd neighbor drive out of her driveway right after B. knocked on her door and didn't answer. She's great about asking us for favors, but couldn't manage to open the door when we needed something . . . hmm. B. thought he heard our next door neighbor outside with her dogs and so he went to our fence and yelled for her. Luckily she was home and we "borrowed" the requisite egg. I added blueberries and chocolate to the recipe, popped them into the oven and 15 minutes later viola! They're not bad. I'll keep working on perfecting them. The blueberries are totally tasty! Yummy!

Last night I colored in the lips, eyes and shoes on the "I Am Woman" quilt. Now I need to bury the threads and sew on the binding.

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