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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Looking for the Happy

And what makes me happy???  Fabric, of course.  And as much as I'd like to purchase all of the pretty lovelies I see, I know that I have way too much stuff!!  And I want to start making a dent in reducing the amount of "stuff" that I have.  So what do I do . . . I make more stuff!!  What???!!  Yes, I seem to come up with all kinds of crazy ideas during the days and sometimes I make those ideas come to fruition.

I had the day off on Friday and I woke up, looked at my bag of quilted scraps, looked at the wall of zippers and immediately thought of pencil cases.  I love, love how these little bags turned out.  Plus I used up a lot of zippers (in fact, I ran out of 9" zippers and had to switch to making small wristlets with 7" zippers) and a lot of quilted fabric that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away.

 Pencil cases
Pencil cases and small wristlets
Another yoga bag completed this weekend
A weekender tote finished this morning
A large and small yoga bag completed this weekend
Collection of small yoga bags

Collection of large yoga bags
It seems that people are liking my yoga bags (I mean, what's not to like?!) and I have sold quite a few of them.  Hopefully, I will get a store out there soon so more people can discover these absolutely beautiful and totally functional bags.
I also like these "etc" bags that were made with large pieces of quilted fabric scraps
And to satisfy my newfound love of drawing and paint and markers and the written word, I discovered these envelopes in the trash at work and promptly rescued them.  Here is my first attempt that is going out into the world.

Outside of envelope
Inside of envelope
And the other day I discovered the "Orphaned Postcard Project" and immediately signed up.  I picked the postcards that I wanted.  They arrived early last week; I wrote a note on each one and sent them back.  How fun!
And, lest you think I'm not quilting, here's my latest quilt top ready for the longarm:
It's a disappearing 9 patch 
And that, my friends, is my happy!  It's been a great weekend complete with cooler weather and a nice 4 mile run yesterday morning.  I hope each of you is finding your HAPPY!

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