Envelope Project

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hum of the Machine

I didn't get as much accomplished this weekend as I had hoped.  But, really, does anyone ever meet their lofty goals?!

I did sew two more charity pillowcases . . . and then it was on to yoga bags . . .
I pieced five more bags

I quilted the two brown bags at the same time.

This picture was taken after they were taken off the longarm.

The zipper was inserted.

Completed bag with inside showing.

A pocket for keys and wallet.

It was another full weekend with lots of laughing and crafting.  I hope your weekend was as wonderful.


barbara woods said...

thank you sooooo much for the fabric. need to get on bloglovin so i can follow you after google goes away

laurajane said...

Lovely bags.x

donna said...

Joyce it is so nice to catch up on your blog. You have been a busy gal. Your yoga bags look great. I am so glad you shared you snow pictures it is so nice to see. Co looks like he is resting well after all that discussion making. It was so good to have lunch with you on Wednesday and catch up. You always brighten my day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Many Hugs