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Friday, March 15, 2013

Footnote Friday

Spring Break . . .

 everyone took the week off . . . they sent me a temp!!
. . .I was the only one in my department at work this week . . . it could have been a lot worse!  Unfortunately I got behind in mailing out the giveaway boxes of AWESOMENESS! Okay, that may be a bit exagerated, but fret not, they did get mailed today.  Sorry about that, Ladies! The post office assures me you will have your respective packages by next Wednesday, if not sooner.

The view from my window this morning shortly after my temp left. 
And in the spirit of Spring Break, I left a few minutes early . . . shh, don't tell.  When I got home, I promptly sat down at my sewing machine and sewed four charity pillowcases and then went to Hancock Fabrics and bought zippers for more yoga bags. 
So, the plan for the weekend is . . . you guessed it . . . the sweat shop will be cranked up and yoga bags will be spit out!!  Well, at least there's a plan!  

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