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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snowed In . . .

What a difference a week makes.  A trip home last week and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself snowbound for a few days.  I live in a state where snow is infrequent and accumulation is nil!  So, I flew in to 15" already on the ground and then another 7" fell the 2nd day I was there.  It was amazingly beautiful!

 Heading home
View of driveway from front porch
View from back porch


Some kind of tracks made in the snowfall
Snow on Monday . . . Shoveling on Tuesday
Wow!  It's a workout that's for sure!  I haven't shoveled snow in over 25+ years.  Yowzers!
My accomplishment!
Of course, I wimped out before I got the entire drive shoveled, but I got at least 1/4th of it done before my back said "I give"!
And now I'm back in the land of high temperatures and high humidity.  But, for today at least, it is in the 60's and comfortable. 

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