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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wonders

Sometimes things go terribly awry and then sometimes things just click.  Friday was a horrible day at work.  We are still using an ancient software for part of our tax returns and it's so outdated that there is no support for it.  Well, last year it blew up on someone else and on Friday it blew up on me.  Yikes!  I spent most of the day trying to recreate and just when I finished, saved and moved on, I found out that it did not work and I was back to square one.  So tomorrow will be spent trying to deal with that mess. 

But, forget about Friday (I have).  I enjoyed my weekend.  Saturday I did a 30 lap swim and I made improvements in my time.  I also spent some time getting my new Meylah store up and running and then did some more sewing.  Today I started my day with a 10 mile bike ride followed by a 2.2 mile run.  The legs felt good running and even though it feels like I'm running in slow motion, I actually posted a decent time.  Next up was a quick trip to the bookstore to stock up on some magazine inspiration.  (Now I need some down time to enjoy them!)  I also finished piecing my scrap quilt so hopefully it'll get quilted next weekend.

All in all, it's been a good weekend.  My homemade pizza with green peppers fresh from the garden is now awaiting me so until next time I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend also!

These are the views out of my 6th floor office window:
 The fountain has a bronze horse in it. 
There are quite a few concerts that happen on the steps of City Hall.  Trust me, my building is not sound proof and I can hear every note played and sung.  It would be enjoyable if the whole work thing didn't get in the way!!
 Latest scrap quilt

 First tomato of the season
First bell pepper that made its way to the dinner table tonight!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Swimming, biking, running - you make me tired - I have trouble walking the dog! Love the view - and you scrap quilt looks fun. Garden - yikes, we don't even plant here until Memorial weekend (if it stops raining).

Mariliz said...

Wow...your tomato looks great. My plants are not even close yet!

donna said...

I am sorry you had a bad day on Friday. Your plants look great my garden has green tomatoes and the squash has blooms.