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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ultimate DeStash Project

I've finally done it!!  I opened a fabric store on Meylah.com and I've added some of my large quantities of fabric.  Please go have a little look-see.  I still have many more bolts of fabric to add so come back often and take a look around.  The fabrics are name brand good quality 100% cotton fabrics, perfect for your quilting projects.  (See Meylah store button on right hand sidebar.)

I'm sure there are some kinks to work out so please let me know if you have problems ordering.  I am sure there are some problems with shipping as right now it is only charging an amount for 1 or 2 yards of fabric.  If more yardage is purchased, the price will have to be altered and I will notify you in an email. 

At the present time I have not engaged the International shipping function as I think it's probably not very cost effective to mail fabric outside of the United States.  No matter how inexpensive the fabric is, I can't see that there would be a huge savings once shipping is added on.  Please let me know if you think this may be an incorrect statement and I'll revisit the subject.

I have stated on each of the fabrics that if you'd like something other than 1 yard increments to please email me and I can cut 1/2 yard, 1/4 yards, fat quarters, etc.  If you'd prefer to order and pay by check, please email me and I will send you the amount due and once payment is received I will mail the fabric.

I hope you enjoy the fabric show!!  Let me know what you think.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Oh...My...Goodness!!!! You must have a serious stash!!!! I can't believe that you have enough stuff to open a store!!! After the stash thati have just had donated to me there is no way I need to buy anything but if I did want to - at $5 a yard it would still be worth my while if I was buying a reasonable amount. Fabric over here is normally at least $10 a yard and you rarely see anything worthwhile for $5! I buy fabric from Equilter regularly (too often) and their prices are more than your so don't be surprised if you get some overseas interest - good luck with it!

Cheryll said...

Congrats Joyce. You certainly must have a STASH...!!! Wish I lived closer.. but then my drawers are overflowing too! Good luck selling!

donna said...

Congratulations Joyce on your store. That is so wonderful.