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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Run, Tri, Quilt

The weekends are great aren't they?  Up at 5:30 a.m. for a nice 5.25 mile run.  Yeah, I know . . . CRAZY!!!  What was I thinking signing up for the Houston Aramco half marathon again???!!!  Actually this year was a lottery and trust me my feelings would not have been hurt if we hadn't gotten in.  But after going to Memorial Park this morning and running into my running buddies, I'm feeling better about the run and I still have quite a few months to get it together!!!

Afterwards, it was on to my first time beginner's triathlon clinic.  I was totally inspired and ready to go after that hour session.  Race day is October 17 so I've got a few more weeks to get some more training in.

Next up . . . quilting.  I got out the Accu GO cutter and experimented with some blocks.  Nothing fancy, but I made a few blocks for Leona  and Lizzie  who are making quilts for sister and friend, respectively to comfort them through the hard times they are experiencing.  My thoughts and prayers are with them and their family and friends.

Tomorrow is swim day and B. and I are going to the swimming hole to check out an open water swim.  Hopefully I'll come away unscathed!!!

So, there you have it . . . a nice Saturday so far and looking forward to Sunday.  Hope everyone is enjoying her (his) weekend.

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Cheryll said...

Nice work....I'm sure your blocks will be LoVeD.
By keeping fit you can sit longer at your machine...yeh quilters always have ulterior motives..haha