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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

I have been thinking about this person I made on the black fabric. Originally I had designed a woman who was celebrating her life at 50. Well that was so last year (literally) so I had to change the design up just a bit. I still like my original drawing from two years ago, but a month or so ago I purchased fabric pens and decided that I would write on this fabric. I tested both writing first and quilting over and vice versa. It didn't seem to make a difference so I decided I would write on the fabric first. As you can see, the fabric pens had a few problems and it was very time consuming. The red pen ending up splattering all over the fabric (I was not happy with that), but I just kept plugging along. The pens seemed to dry up after a couple of words and there was a lot of shaking to get the paint to flow again. I kept thinking that I was both creating art and doing arm exercises as I vigorously shook those pens! I'll let you know if my arms tone up any if I continue to paint on fabric with those pens. My initial inclination is "no", but one never knows. These are all experiments so I will be happy with each one. My latest drawing is courtesy of Sharon Schamber's video. I created this at lunch time one day. I am going to change up the design a bit and then this one will be made for another one of my brothers and his wife. I'm looking forward to this one a lot.

I picked my first pepper of the season last week. I don't know if it's too hot this summer or what, but we only harvested around 10 tomatoes and so far only one pepper. I don't really care about the tomatoes as I don't eat them, but I do like my freshly grown peppers so I hope that there are many more of them to come. Last year we had peppers until February.

I finished my scrapbooking project and I am now up to date with pictures of my quilts in a scrapbook. Of course if I had pictures of my earlier quilts I would probably fill another album, but going forward I should keep things pretty current.

I am leasing out my long arm machine to a fellow quilter who is over here now working on a quilt. I made the offer to her over a year ago when I was fine with someone using my machine and me making a little money off of it. But now that I have the machine running like a dream, I'm not so keen on having anyone use it. Oh, well. This is her second quilt that she's quilting and I think I counted eight more in the queue. Yikes!

Work has slowed down just a bit. At least enough for me to take a Friday off this week. I'm on the third day of my three day weekend and what do you know. This Friday is my real Friday
off so I should only have a four day week this week. Yay!

Well, I guess I will go check on my guest and make sure that all is running smoothly.

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