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Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings

Today was a good day. I took the day off from work and totally lazed around and enjoyed myself. Dog and I went for a long jog in the morning and then again this evening. I did a little bit of quilting (not much), but I did load the new quilt onto the longarm machine.

When I first moved to H town, I was unemployed and I thought taking a quilting class was just the right thing to do before I got hired somewhere. This is the first quilt I ever made. (I did not take up quilting again until 2003.) The class was called "Quilt in a Day" by Eleanor Burns and it was done by strip piecing. Since the fabric used was all cotton, the strips were torn and then cut into the proper sizes. I don't think anyone tears the fabric anymore as it creates quite a distortion, but in 1982, we didn't really know???!!! Anyway, the quilt was a "tied" quilt. When I moved to Boston in 1987, the quilt stayed here and was loaned out. It came back to me in 1991 and was not in good shape. Since some of the ties were either ripped out or undone, I untied the entire quilt. I made an attempt at hand quilting, but that was not going to work for me. Too cumbersome and tedious and no instant gratification!!! Today I took out all of the stitching and I am going to wash the quilt top, get better material for the backing (the original used a sheet (gasp!)) and use a cotton batting. It looks like the original quilt used Hobbs batting. I hate it. A lot of people love Hobbs batting, but it's not for me. I will then quilt this puppy on my longarm machine and maybe, just maybe, I'll put it on the bed for use. So far I have not "used" one quilt that I've made. I like them in their "original" condition, but I know that I would love them in their well-worn condition also. I'm slowly learning to toss aside my self-imposed constraints.

B's outside project has turned out very nicely. As soon as the gardens are planted we may host a little party and show off his lovely handiwork. Doggie, of course, is enjoying all things outdoors especially lazing in the sun. Today was a gorgeous day for March and if they could all be like this, I'd be a very happy person! But, alas, it is Houston and the rains must come so for now I will savor the day and enjoy.

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