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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Did it End???

I know, I know . . . I haven't posted the end of the 58 Day Challenge.  Yes, I did make it.  Yay me! 

On the last day of the challenge I started off with making this:


And then I was detained for a bit while I played with the kiddos (great niece and nephew).  Later on that day I pieced together a very scrappy quilt top.  Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures yet.

It's amazing how much fun it was to either get up early in the morning or when I got off work at night to head off and do something creative.  I enjoyed the creative habit a LOT!  On Friday I started a new 58 day challenge, but I think I may have missed the mark on this one!!

I have decided to run at least one mile a day for 58 days.  Sounds easy enough, I know.  But, here's how it goes.  I like running, but my knees are wounded and therefore running is not the best idea.  So far I've completed 5 days and I've run more than a mile each day.  I'll have to do some planning on some of the days as I do longer runs on the weekend and the knees may not be ready for the increased pounding since I've been running on them every day.  Also, it's HOT here.  This morning would have been a good morning to go do my run, but I just ran late last night.  So, I'll have to do my run tonight when I'm guessing it will be hotter and possibly more humid.  I think I should have saved this challenge for the fall.  But, we'll see how it goes.

And that my friends, is how I did my 58 Day Challenge.  Stay tuned . . . as soon as I organize everything, I'll start the giveaways.  Unfortunately work is busy, busy, so I will probably have to do this on the weekends. 

Here's to "hump" day . . . Go have some FUN!!!