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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Late Night Musings

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have ideas on things to make.  Then I realize I have to go to work.  Ugh!  Does anyone else hate (in my case) the 8-6 drudgery?  Don't they realize that's peak creating time.  Yikes! 

But, a girl does what a girl's gotta do and so it is at night that I attempt to put my ideas into motion.  The other day I was thinking I should make a wallet with a zippered compartment.  So last night I sat down and whipped out this little gem.  I'm using the leftover quilted material I have from my yoga and "etc" bags.  I like the way it turned out so I think I'll make some more.  Anyone need a special quilted wallet?

 I also made a couple little wristlets out of material from Donna's Lavender Nest
Wallet has a zippered pocket and 2 other pockets. 
Lots of babies were born this past year and I'm behind in giving gifts.  Uh, oh.  So, this morning I quilted up this little gem.  Now I need to make some binding, sew it on the quilt and put it in the pile for Thanksgiving delivery.  Yay!
 front - Creative Thursday prints
I love trying to use up all the scraps when I piece the back and also when making binding.
Well, the afternoon is here and I guess it's as good a time as any to go make that binding.  Or . . . maybe a nap??!!  Hmm . . .

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donna said...

Oh my gosh Joyce your quilting is awesome. Love, love it. You are so creative.