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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blast From the Past

A year ago this week my Mom passed away.  It's still hard to believe that she is gone.  I wish it weren't so. . .

All but two of my siblings gathered at her farm this past weekend to help clean out the basement.  It was a group effort and much progress was made.  There was mostly laughter.  We found things Mom had collected and we had to shake our heads in wonderment.  How many used bread bags and twist ties does a person need?  I'm sure a lot of it had to do with growing up on a farm in the Great Depression.  Everything was recycled.  My parents' generation was the original generation of recyclers.  I found a few gems:

 I guess we ate a lot of cherry pies???!!!
 50 lbs of onions - whoa!
powdered milk - do they still make this brand?
We were a family of 10 so everything was bought in bulk and even milk was stretched for a 50/50 mix of milk and powdered milk.  Um . . . yum!! . . . she says facetiously!!

It was a good weekend with lots of time for visiting family and meeting the new little ones.

The cycle of life continues . . . we miss you Mom.

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