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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where, Oh Where, Has the Time Gone?

I could have sworn I'd written a post some time in 2014.  Uh, I guess not.  Hmm . . .

Well, I have been busy and my brain has been churning.  There wasn't a whole lotta crafting/sewing going on in the month of January.  I will forever remember January 2014 as one of the most horrific work months I've had to endure in quite a long while.  Changes at work at year end are never a good thing.  Experienced employee gone; new employee 3 weeks into the job.  Not a good combination when trying to calculate a year end tax provision for a consolidated group.  After many, and I mean many long hours and 21 straight days without a break, January was over and I was on my way back from perpetual grumpiness!

February brought much joy as I opened "Ogmodesigns.com" and an Etsy store, "Ogmo Designs" where I'm featuring my awesome yoga bags, "etc" bags and wristlets.  If you are interested in any of the super-duper products, just email me and I will give you a 20% discount.  Can't beat that with a stick!  These bags are all made with 100% cotton and are quilted by moi!  You will absolutely love them!
 The outside of this yoga bag is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles!  Who would have thunk?
 The inside is lined with blue cotton chevron fabric.
 I LOVED making this bag.  It is a scrappy bag made with remnants of some of the other bags I made.  This is for the person who just can't decide what fabric she likes best.  This was so much fun to make, but took a lot longer than the other bags.
 This is the back side with more scrap piecing.
 Another view . . .
and another . . . because I just can't help myself!!

I continued my sewing enthusiasm in March and banged out quite a few bags.  They make me so HAPPY especially since my work life is taking a toll on me.  It's nice to come home and just "play" with material. 

I made several quilts and had my dear friend, Donna, quilt up three of them.  If you have any quilt tops just lying around that you swear you'll quilt one day (but know you won't!), you should consider using  Donna's services.  She is super quick, very reasonably priced and produces an excellent product.  She won't disappoint!!

 Okay, this is a quilt I made and quilted.  Apparently, I haven't taken pictures yet of the quilts Donna quilted for me.  I will take pictures posthaste!
This little gem was made with a charm pack (or 2) on a day when I didn't want to think.  Just grab the pack and go.  Voila!  Instant happiness! 

April has me making bags and aprons and quilts, oh my!!  So much FUN!!!  I LOVE all of my fun fabrics and gadgets and mostly my imagination.  And then to top that all off with a weekly episode of "Under the Gunn" to get the creative juices flowing.  I really wish they'd show "real" time sewing with the contestants.  I have no idea how they create some of the stuff they create and I'd really like to see their processes.  Ah, heavy sigh.

These lovely fabrics are from the "Scrumptious" line that Donna sells.  

In addition, I've been doing "Project Life" (my own easy-going version), drawing, doodling, painting and journaling.  These projects just make me want to kick my heels up and cartwheel down the street!  But since I'm not sure if this 'ole body can still cartwheel, I've been pounding the pavement and ran a half marathon in January (during the whole crazy period referenced above), along with a 5k the following week, 1 5k in February and 3 5k's (in 2 weeks) in March. 

I hope all of you are enjoying your creative time as much as I am!!  Carry on.

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donna said...

Your yogi bags are cute. People are going to be knocking your door down to get at them.
I so enjoyed our lunch together yesterday. Thank you so much. It is nice catching up with you and it truly makes my day.