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Sunday, May 12, 2013

When Is a Yard Not a Yard . . .

when you have someone at JoAnn's Fabric cut it and they do not sew!  Frustrating!!  Even though I caught the lady cutting a piece of my fabric 2" too short on one piece, I missed the other pieces.  When I got home one of the yard cuts actually ended up around 34" as it was cut at 35" to start and then it was cut so poorly the true-up cost me another inch.  Yikes! 

That was last weekend.  This weekend I started my conversation off with the JoAnn's cutter with "do you sew?".  And she did.  Yay!  I did feel obligated to tell her though that I was shorted a lot the previous weekend at another location and I really didn't want that to happen today.  It didn't.  She turned out to be a trooper when I had her cutting quite a bit of fabric.

And what am I doing with all this fabric???  Well, I'm on a roll right now with yoga bags and "etc" bags.

 "etc" bags
Aren't they awesome?!!
 Yoga bag anyone?!
 All cotton fabric quilted up nicely and ready for some studio time.
 Add yoga mat, water bottle, keys, wallet and you're set to go.

This is the fabric that was cut short.  Consequently the yoga bag is a bit smaller and the "etc" bag is a lot smaller, but still very cute and functional!!

Hope you've had a very productive and creative weekend also. 
Happy Mother's Day!!

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