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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

in my sewing/quilting/crafting world!!  In "real" life, I am swamped and having oh, so much fun (said facetiously!!).  I have had guests for 3 weeks now and this is my busy time at work so it's hard to be a gracious host when I'm exhausted at night.  Good thing it's family and they have to love me anyway!!  In the midst of all this insaneness my laptop decided to crap out and so I have no means right now to download (or upload) pictures.  I know, I just said I haven't done anything, but . . . there is a quilt in progress and there are some more envelopes that have been designed so I could post a few pictures if the stars were aligned just right!! 

Donna (fom Donna's Lavender Nest) and I met for lunch this week.  She surprised me with our August gifts for the Christmas swap and I showed up empty handed.  Sorry, Donna.  (I'm hanging my head in shame!!)  I'll have to play catchup in two weeks as I am on a short vacation next week for a family wedding.  Until then, I hope everyone is getting their creative fixes!!

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donna said...

No worries Joyce. It was great getting to meet you for lunch and catching up with you. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and get to relax a bit.