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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yesterday my Santa Sack partner, Donna and I met up for a nice Christmas lunch at La Madeleine.  What better way to start off the Christmas season than with a nice filling meal and good company.  Afterwards we did our exchange and even though we're not allowed to open until Christmas, we each got a sneak peak.

This is what I gave Donna:

And this is what Donna gave me:

I just love my snowman sack.  It has a beautiful red snowflake fabric lining.  I'm such a dodo, I never even thought about making my sack for Donna out of Christmas fabric.  Bad me!!  I guess it was too much of a stretch for me to think about Christmas when I made this in May!!  I'll do better next time!

It's going to be a great Christmas season.  Thanks, Cheryll for hosting this swap and thanks, Donna for making it so much FUN!  It's been great getting to know you!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

But it is a pretty paisley bag and can be used year round. How cool that the two of you could meet.

Cheryll said...

Your bag is perfect for Donna... they are HER colours! Its just fantastic Joyce!
It's great the two of you got together again... makes the world go around easier with new friends to enjoy it with!

donna said...

Joyce you are so sweet. I just love my bag.

Polka Dot Classic said...

Both Sacks are great :)
and better yet to be able to meet and exchange
That's fantastic

Carol said...

I love the fact that you were able to meet and exchange sacks/gifts. What fun.

Anonymous said...

Great swap parcels to send and receive the bags are fantastic,love xmas,lol.