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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Times

It was a good weekend. I did some creative cooking and made some individual quiches, teriyaki chicken and homemade pizza. Yummy! In addition, I drew the design on my wholecloth quilt and today I pieced the backing, loaded the longarm machine and started quilting. So far it looks lovely. I had a dream this morning as I was waking up that my quilt got a white ribbon at the International Quilt Festival. I have no idea what a white ribbon means, but I hope it's a good omen. I guess first I have to get it accepted into the show. Wish me luck.

Spin class this morning was tough, but well worth it. I was at the vomiting stage so I guess it was a good workout. B and I will try to go again on Tuesday and Thursday morning. I'm lucky that I've always enjoyed exercising. I spoke to a woman today who did her first triathlon last week and she's doing another one in Sugar Land coming up. She made it sound like maybe I can do one. I'm still thinking about it.

Well, I better go do some dreaming as I'm sure it will be the last good sleep until next weekend. It'll probably be another stressful week at work, but I'll try to maintain my composure and just think about my quilt during the crappy times.

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