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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Perfect Storm

April has not been a good month so far. The job is out of control and I'm so wanting to leave that place. Every day it's a barrage of either new work requests due to rate cases or FERC reporting, lazy co-workers and dealing with other co-workers who do not LISTEN. They are sure that at the end of the day, I will do what they want. Not going to happen. The man does not listen to a word I say because he's intent on hearing the words he WANTS to hear. I've had the same conversation with him twice now and he's had the same conversation with my boss. So far we have told him three times that what he wants can be done by HIM offline with his own created worksheets. It cannot be incorporated into the consolidated workpapers. He has definitely gotten under my skin. Mostly because he doesn't listen. He just keeps coming at you with the same crap over and over. I keep repeating the reasons why it can't be done and he just keeps plugging. It didn't help that I had sent the man an e-mail telling him that I was extremely busy and he needed to stay out of my files so I could get everything prepped for the quarter close. So instead he shows up at my door and wants to argue with me about why I won't do what he wants. Aaarrrgghhh!!!! This was just a small piece of the frustrations that have occurred this week to create my "perfect storm".

Nothing good has happened at work this week, so maybe I'll try again next week. I'm thinking about looking for a new job in earnest. I just don't want to be a tax person anymore. I want to be a well-paid CREATIVE person!!!

Today the new A/C & heater was installed. Yay! We went the last six weeks of summer last year without A/C. That was really painful. My neighbors have had their A/C's on since the beginning of March. The old unit was the original unit from 1959. The new one is supposed to be be economical and efficient (and of course, cooler!!!).

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