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Sunday, January 27, 2013


A new year . . . more commitments.  Yes, I feel it will be a great year. 

January is never a good month for me.  My job is such that January is the cruelest of months, but this year it has not defeated me.  Granted, the year end close went smoothly for a change and there were only a couple of days where I wanted to throw up my hands and say "Uncle".  So, overall the month has gone well. 

On January 1, I started the year off with a 5k Commitment Day run.  The run was held in 30 cities and in my city it was cold, rainy and windy.  But, we soldiered on and got the year off to a great start.

On January 12, I did my second 5k of the year and ran it with friends and family.  This 5k was the prelude to the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon on January 13.  I was lucky enough to "high five" Meb Keflezighi at the start of the 5k.  I was sure touching hands with the great Meb would give my legs some extra "OOMPH".  Um . . . still working out the kinks due to months of no running and bad back, so my Meb mojo failed me.  Not to worry, just meeting him was worth it.  I was also lucky enough to see him, Ryan Hall and Abdi A. win the 2012 US Olympic trials along with a host of other super incredible athletes.  Call me awestruck!!

And yesterday I completed my 3rd 5k of the year.  It was a beautiful January day, perfect for running and I managed to shave one minute and 50 seconds off of my time from just two weeks ago.  Yay me!

It's good to once again feel relatively strong and getting back into shape.  I had a rough go the last four months of 2012, but that was then . . . now I'm training for a marathon relay in OKC in April with my family, and the following weekend I will be running a half marathon in Wichita (again with my family).  I have a possible 4 miler this weekend in Wichita (must remember to pack cold weather running gear!) and then the Conoco Rodeo Run 10k on February 23.  I'm totally committed to making 2013 my best running year yet.  Oh, crap, what have I committed to??!!  Well, in my head, I'm fast and amazing; now I've got to work on the synapses between my brain and my legs.  Uh oh!!

And yes, I know this is my creative blog and I have been doing tons of stuff so here's a project I started January 1.

I love this project.  This is an old Rolodex and I have written something every day since January 1.  Eventually I see myself getting out the paints and making this project a bit more beautiful, but for now I am documenting my life one day at a time.  I am also doing a similar project that I started in 2012, but you'll have to stay tuned to see what that is all about.

I found these envelopes in our trash at work.  This is the beginning of my project.

This envelope is huge (too lazy to go look at and measure, so probably 15 x 17).  I'm going to paint the entire outside of the envelope and since it has no glued sides I am going to write a letter on the inside directly on the box.  I'm thinking it will turn out pretty cool.  Of course, I'm either going to have to write extremely LARGE or I'm going to have to write a dissertation!  I'm sure I'll find the appropriate amount of words to use!

There has also been a fair amount of sewing so I'll post about that next time. 

So, until then, let's make a commitment to pursue our passions!

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