Envelope Project

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last weekend I finished sewing the binding to the "secret" quilt and as soon as I get some time I will take pictures.  Donna from Donna's Lavender Nest and I attempted a lunch this week, but life happens and it was not to be.  We are scheduled for lunch next week.  So . . . after I do a little show and tell with her, I promise I will be sending this in the mail!!  I just want to thank everyone who participated.  The quilt looks GREAT!!!  I don't remember the exact dimensions, but I had to use a queen sized batting on it, so it's definitely a super-sized lap quilt!!

And speaking of Donna, check out her first quilt pattern that she's now selling on Etsy.  I had the unique opportunity to see the finished quilt in person and it is really adorable!  Way to go, Donna!  Good luck with the sales!

Awhile back I mentioned a project I was working on for the ArtHouse Coop.  It's called "The Mystery Project" and I was sent a Prismacolor marker and the general instructions were to put a piece of artwork out into the universe, take a picture and post it on their website.  So, I've had a few other things to do recently and I just now got around to looking at it and thinking about my project.  I decided I would go look at some of the other pictures and see what everyone was doing.  Good thing, I did.  Inside my package was a card that simply said "If tomorrow came yesterday".  I had no idea what that meant and thought it was just some random thought included in my envelope.  Well, it turns out, that was my subject.  Oops.  Now that I know, I've designed my project and this weekend I hope to make it and put it out into the world for someone else.  I'll keep you posted.

And finally, if anyone was wondering, my doggie is feeling okay (he doesn't complain), but he still has issues.  B-guy took him to the Vet again yesterday and he drained the cyst (for lack of a better word) again.  Lots of yucky stuff and it's infected so tomorrow we start on the antibiotics again.  (We have to wait until the steroids are out of his system.) Twice a day we inject him with saline to clean the area and get the yucky stuff out.  He doesn't like it, but he lies there and takes it.  I feel for the poor guy.  On a high note, he has felt well enough to walk all the way around the block twice this week.  That is a HUGE milestone!!  We used to walk at least a mile a day and recently he can barely make it out of our yard.  I love this dog!!


Cheryll said...

It's just awful when your best "furry" mate is not well! Sounds like doc joyce is doing a great job with him though! :(

Jan-Maree said...

Glad to hear your fur baby is doing okay so far - give him a scratch from me! Say hi to Donna for me! I will be there with you two in spirit!

donna said...

Joyce I am so looking forward to seeing the secret quilt. Thank you so much for posting about my quilt. You are such a sweet heart. Co looks good. Please give him a hug for me.