Envelope Project

Monday, April 16, 2012

Work In Progress (WIP)

If anyone is wondering there are 77 blocks that were generously donated to the "secret" project quilt.  Before I could really start I had to get the rotary cutter and mat out and do some trimming. 
I ended up with these beautiful piles of 10 blocks each:
And then it was time to start arranging the blocks:
My sister has been visiting me for a few days so I put her to work.  This is the result of our efforts. 
 After I dropped her off at the airport I went home and started sewing the blocks together during DWTS commercials!!
The blocks in the first four rows of the quilt are seamed.  You can see the difference in the size of the rows.  This quilt is going to be around 60" x 77".  It may be a little bit larger if I put a border on it.  Does anyone in the secret society involved in this quilt have any comments or suggestions.  If not, I will just continue on.  I must say, it looks really stunning in person.  Each of you has done an amazing job with the blocks!  I may have to make me one of these when I'm through 'cause Lord knows, I have me some scraps and then some!!


Jan-Maree said...

Joyce! It looks so wonderful all together and I can't believe there are 77 blocks! It is just perfect and she is going to be gobsmacked when she gets it! I am so proud of everyone! Thank you thank you for putting it together.

Cathy said...

It looks awesome!!!! I vote no border cause the blocks are just so pretty!!!!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Oh...it looks great!! I would vote for no border as well.

Andrea said...

No border necessary.

Cheryll said...

I'm with the others.. this beauty doesn't need to have a border. It's sensational as is! :)

Ellen said...

I also think it looks fantastic just as it is!

donna said...

Joyce it looks great. I am not sure I would put a border on it. I like it like it is. You are such a sweet heart.