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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Beginnings or The Same?

2011 wasn't so bad so I'm not sure that 2012 needs to represent new beginnings. I'll be happy with a year filled with more sewing and crafting goodness. This is what the end of 2011 looked like for me.

I love these little zines from Linda at Tortagialla

 She included a couple of her postcards along with the zines

 which inspired me to create my own little journal
 in which I'll be inserting some of my drawn pictures.
 voilà - here's my version which is now ready to start adding other ephemera and journaling.

 There were more aprons

 More gadgets (there was also some fabric purchases and as soon as the package arrives, I'll post some pics of the beginning of the 2012 stash!!  Okay, hopefully, I'll get my butt in gear and use it as I do have plans for it, but life gets in the way sometimes . . . )

and the coup de grâce - I snagged a couple of mannequins from a store whose last day was Dec 29.  Bad for them . . . good for me.  These little guys were US $9 each. 

Today I've loaded a large queen sized quilt on the longarm and I'll be quilting that puppy up as soon as inspiration hits me over the head.  My SIL has asked me to quilt it as she made it as a college graduation gift for her daughter.  I'm sure I'll get inspired right after I take my nap!!  Priorities, you know. 

So, I have one more day off and then it's back to my real job and the stress begins again . . . can't wait.  Happy New Year!! 


Jan-Maree said...

Sorry to hear your holiday is almost over - love the nap priority! Best thing about holidays!

Cheryll said...

Wow you've been busy by the look of it... great bargins too! Good luck with the quilt.. I'm sure something will pop into you head.
Sorry about going back to WoRk :)

donna said...

Joyce I love your drawings. You are VERY talented. Looks like you got some GREAT goodies. I spy some purple polka dots (giggles) What an awesome deal you got from the store that is closing.
I am looking forward to lunch this week. I will let you know more tomorrow.
Happy Happy New Year!