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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Busy, Busy

Where does the time go anyway?  It's already Saturday evening . . . hmm . . . maybe if I hadn't taken that nap!!

I read an article this week about the price of cotton going up in the coming year and the price of cotton fabric is also expected to increase.  So, my dilemma is to get on board and go stock up on my stash (which is already more than I will ever need) or pay a higher price in the coming years.  Ugh! 

So, I made a trip to JoAnn's today (not to stock up; just to look).  I think this is only the 2nd time in a year that I have gone to JoAnn's and I was totally surprised to find fabric selling for $9.99/yard.  At JoAnns!!!  Incredible . . . especially when I pulled a bolt out and the date on the selvedge was 2006!!!  Uh, no . . . fabric that old needs to be a whole lot less than $10/yard.  Am I wrong??!!

Anyway, what was my point??  Oh, yeah, I think that I'll probably pass on trying to stock up before the price increase and just be happy that I have plenty (probably too much)of cotton in my house.

Donna and I met for lunch this past week and did our Christmas present exchange.   My packages from her are all wrapped so pretty.  I feel I'm cheating her on my packaging skills.  It's the thought that counts, right??!!

 Presents from Donna . . . aren't they pretty?

This bag is getting heavy and I'm loving how it's filling up nicely!!

I cut up the rest of my fabric tape so now I am ready for some wrapping.  Unfortunately I don't have anything to wrap right now.  Hmm . . .

I have two quilt tops ready for the longarm and I'm in the process of making another quilt top.  I guess I'll go load up one of the quilts and get ready for some longarm action tomorrow.  I hope everyone is having a very creative and inspiring day!!


Cheryll said...

WooHoo the gifts from Donna look yummy! But Joyce your fabric tape is fantastic too! Glad you two are having FuN ! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very pretty presies! And the tape is just to clever.

donna said...

WOW! I know you really have to watch the prices at JoAnn's unless it is something you REALLY love. You are so silly I do not feel cheated I love your wrapping. I am also loving how my bag is filling up too. This is so much fun.