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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Puffs v. Kleenex

Most times it is easy for me to distinguish between a cold and my allergies. Since I am an allergy sufferer from the get-go, I have a constant relationship with a runny nose. I should have bought stock in Proctor and Gamble a long time ago! This time around I am unable to tell if I have a head cold or if the cedar allergens that blew in a couple days ago are the culprits.

This past summer I planted a vegetable garden that included tomatoes and peppers among other vegetables. These two vegetables were just the most prolific of the bunch. My excitement watching the tomatoes grow was beyond me as I don't even eat tomatoes. My Mom was in town when the first tomato ripened and she was the lucky recipient. The rest of the tomatoes were given to co-workers. Two days ago I harvested 4 peppers out of the garden and there are at least 8 others still growing along with numerous blooms. These peppers smell great and have a taste unlike the ones purchased at the grocery store. I'm amazed that it's almost 2008 and I'm still harvesting peppers!

My current project is a memory quilt for a coworker whose wife passed away this year. I collected some of her clothing and pictures and I'm turning it into a wall quilt for M. Since I only know M. and not his wife, I hope that this quilt does her justice. The pictures include a pencil sketch and a life size paper model. I am currently in the process of appliqueing the tree to the fabric.

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