Envelope Project

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Challenge - Day 22 and 23

These little coasters were made yesterday (Day 22) and today (Day 23).  I hope you like them.

Day 22:

Day 23:

They're like supersized coasters!!
So, I'm going to be away from my sewing machine and computer for the next few days.  Sad face.  But, I will continue with my project . . . (spoiler alert . . . probably something to do with paper, paints and pens) so I will post these early next week.  Until then . . . hope everyone finds their FUN this weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zipping Right Along

I came home yesterday and found this:

Is this not the coolest?  I asked B-guy to inventory my zippers and he went beyond my request and got very creative and used an old shoe rack to hang my zippers.  Now I not only have a written count, I can also open the closet door and voila, I know exactly what I have . . . and don't have!!  Believe it or not, it's time to order some more zips!

For the first time since this project began, I wasn't feeling the creative love tonight.  I was tired and even though I wanted to whip up some fun little project, I knew my energy level wasn't up to par.  So I spotted the end of this fabric and decided to make a pencil case.  Well, as proof of my tiredness, I cut the fabric wrong and had to turn it into more of a makeup sized bag.

Originally this had a wristlet strap on it, but I screwed up on that also, so it's just a plain little bag, but it really is pretty.

And so kiddos, that's Challenge - Day 21!  It was still fun to make, but being tired means I didn't quite get it right tonight.  No worries . . . I have tomorrow . . . and tomorrow . . . and . . .

Monday, April 27, 2015

Reinventing the fabric

So, I spent some time studying the quilted fabric in front of me.  I wasn't very keen on it so I went searching for something to do with it.  And then I came up with the brilliant idea of changing the lining.  Easy peasy.

The pink wavy fabric was added to the original lining.
The lining fabric was folded back to the front to create a contrast. 
Finished project - Challenge Day 20
 So cute!  Not bad for a Monday.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Challenge - Day 19

Are we having FUN yet?  Has anyone else joined in the challenge??? 

It's been a pretty good day today.  You know it's always going to be fun when you get up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday.  Yippee!  B-guy and I met up with the running group and did 4 miles to get our day started.  Yay! 

I'm liking this going to the "studio" and getting my craft on every day.  I wish I could say that the pile of scraps is going down, but . . . Note to self:  must make more stuff!!

And without further ado, here's today's projects:

I LOVE my crafting days!  I just wish my "real" job was as much fun!!  Hope everyone has a super duper week!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blast from the Past

My brother and I were talking a few weeks ago and reminiscing about all the dessert recipes our Mom and Dad used to make.  I promised him that I would go back in time and make some of these for him.  And what better day to bake than a rainy Saturday morning.

First up, I made what we called an "Informal Wedding Cake".  It was delicious!  And then I got out our aunt's caramel recipe.  We both remembered the smooth, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth treat.  I had made these yummy caramels before many years ago and I was very successful at it.  Today, however, the soft, chewy caramel was gone.  Since I no longer have my candy thermometer, I overcooked the caramel just a tad and it ended up being a hard caramel instead of a soft caramel.  No matter, the taste was still melt-in-your-mouth yumminess.  And I think my brother was pleased with his care package.
After our stroll down memory lane, I got busy with Day 18's project.

I'm thinking about changing my labels to the inside of the bags.  What do you think?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Challenge - Days 16 & 17

Okay, is it just me, or do you guys find that sewing with scraps takes a LOT longer than just getting out the fabric and sewing away?  By the time I finished my project last night it was too dark to take any pictures so I thought I'd spare you.  So here is Day 16's project:
So there was a pile of scraps just lying there and I thought, just start piecing them and then decide what you want to make at the end.  Since it took longer than I expected, I decided to go with a placemat.  Of course, then I'm thinking, "who would want a single placemat in my giveaway?".  I don't know, but there it is.  Maybe I'll get a similar one made before the end of the challenge period so that there'll be a set to give away.

And then today (Day 17) I found what I was looking for. . . the pattern for this bag.  Yay!  I've made at least a half dozen or more of these bags and I just love them.  Of course, it was awhile ago, so when I went to sew this little puppy up, I disregarded my instincts and tried to follow the instructions.  Bad move . . . my instincts were right and after ripping out some seams, I ended up with this little beauty.  Everyone needs a bag, am I right?

Perfect for a bookstore run with sketchbook, pens, markers, books, etc.  I use my bag all the time.  This is also leftover fabric from a quilted yoga bag or two.  This bag is not quilted, but it is lined, has a pocket and a magnetic closure.  Nice!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More Scrappy Goodness - Day 15

Tonight I thought I'd try something different.  I saw this on Stitches and Scissors and thought, "hey, I'll make that!".  Turns out it was more time consuming than I thought it'd be so I modified the process.
Aren't these little mug rugs adorable?
I thought so too, so I decided I'd pull out some scraps and get to work.  Here's my version:
 Not quite the look I was going for, but I was running out of time to get it done tonight.  Oops.
I guess this doesn't need to be the back; either side can be used to display.
This project was fun and really, it doesn't need to look like the original inspiration, right?  As long as the creative juices are flowing and I'm having fun, I think everything's right with the world.  I hope all of you had a wonderful evening making some fun stuff!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Challenge - Day 14

Tonight's project was a little pencil case.  The piece of scrap fabric was pretty small, but I still managed to make this beauty.  I made a yoga bag for my niece out of this material a few years ago, but apparently I failed to take any pictures of it.  That's the way it is sometimes. . .

This is the perfect size for pens, pencils, art supplies . . . or can be used for the quick trip to the store that only requires cash, ID and some lipstick!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Challenge - Day 13

Sometimes the time is limited and you gotta work with what you have.  Tonight I went for a run after work and then tried to make it back for DWTS!  Soooo, I wasn't up to a huge project since the TV was calling my name! 

Luckily I still have lots of quilted yoga bag scraps and zippers.  So here you go . . .

Day 13 - done and FUN!  A good start to a new week.  Now go have some fun, kiddos and I'll see you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Challenge Continues

It's been a most fun weekend.  I only wish there were more time left in it.  Heavy sigh.  We've had lots of wild weather here and I was fearful that the electricity would go out while I was sewing, but luckily it only went out when I was at work.  Yay!

Friday night (Day 10) I came home and promptly went to the studio and after a couple hours of trying (I swear I wasn't going to give up) I discovered my crocheting skills are no longer in my wheelhouse.  I will have to get my coworker to give me a refresher course!  I tried 3 different sized hooks and yarn and I could not make it work for me.  I don't remember it being that hard and laborious so I'm pretty sure I was doing something wrong.  You think??!!  So, that was the Friday night challenge.  Although there wasn't any tangible item to tout, I did spend a couple hours being creative while listening to creative podcasts.

Saturday (Day 11) was a bit more productive as it started with this:

A matching coaster to the one I made previously.  I used a bigger loom so I was able to make a larger coaster.  I'm sure these cuties aren't for everyone, but they make me incredibly happy.
Next up was scrappy goodness:
 front side
This is a nice little placemat that looks so cute with the coasters I previously made.  This is also the fabric that was used for the apron that was previously posted.  I had a bunch of scraps that I cut into 2 1/2" x 2" (I know, I got confused . . . they were supposed to be 2" x 2" . . . oops!  I will make a matching placemat so the other coaster doesn't feel left out!
And then today (Day 11 12) included quilting 10 feet of fabric for my yoga bag collection.  I quilted 2 different pieces that were each 5' long.
And that, my friends, is how I got my craft on this weekend.  I also managed to run a few miles and cook some.  So far, so good on this 58 day journey.  What have you guys been up to?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Challenge - Day 9

Another fun evening spent playing with yarn.  Awhile back I made a couple of coasters using a cardboard template, yarn and scrap fabric strips.

Tonight I made a coaster using a plastic template made for weaving hats.  The plastic hoops came in 4 sizes and I used the 2nd smallest size which limited the size of the coaster.  Oh, yeah, I didn't weave a hat, I used the loom to make a coaster.  I plan on using the next larger size for the next coaster or trivet that I make.


These could become habit forming.  So much FUN to make!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Challenge - Day 8

I had so much fun with yesterday's envelope that I decided to do another one today.  Another lunchtime activity.

It's been awhile since I've crocheted so tonight I got out the hook and some yarn and tried to figure it out from memory.  I think I've figured it out, but I didn't get anything made.  I'm still practicing.  It feels good.

Challenge - Day 7

It's been awhile since I've drawn my envelopes.  So, yesterday I drew this puppy at lunchtime.  So much FUN!  As soon as I find the rest of my paints and markers I'll be a very happy camper.

Don't you think it'd be fun to receive or send a letter in this envelope?  We should write more letters. 

Challenge - Day 6

My friend, Donna (from Donna's Lavender Nest) gave me this pattern because she's so sweet.  I decided that I would take a break from sewing bags and give this a whirl. 
Now that my camera is working again, I should take more pictures.  This is a cute little apron that took longer to make than I expected.  If I make it again, I will change up a few of the construction details that should make it easier (at least for me!). 

Okay, so tonight I will post Day 7 & 8 (need pictures) and then I think I'll be back up to speed.  WooHoo. 

Note:  Fabric is from my purchases at Quilt Market and I'm using it for my yoga bags.  I don't think I've posted any pictures of them, so I'll try to do that soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Challenge - Day 5

As promised my camera is back.  Yay!

Day 5 was a most productive day.  As many of you know, a few years back I purchased an inordinate amount of fabric from a woman who was closing up shop.  I bought the fabric sight unseen and even though it was very exciting receiving all of those boxes in the mail, it seems I have barely made a dent in my stash.  What the heck was I thinking??? . . .

 Day 5 included making more blocks for the scrap quilt
When this quilt is finished it will include a sample of most of the fabrics I purchased.
And since I will not be including this quilt in the giveaway, I will instead give away a generous amount of fabric.  This will be great for anyone who is making charity quilts.  Be sure to visit again in June when the giveaway is announced.  Of course, I hope you'll visit every day of this challenge, but I understand, we all get busy.  No worries.
And in case anyone forgot how much fabric I have, here's a little reminder.  Unfortunately this is not all of it!  Yikes!!


No Worries

I know . . . I'm late in posting Days 5 and 6, but rest assured, lots of creating took place.  Unfortunately the camera has decided that it needs a vacation and has temporarily dug its heels in and refused to cooperate in my project.  Heavy sigh! 

Tonight I will beat the camera into submission (kidding) and hopefully take and post pictures of my latest creations.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Challenge - Day 4

The temperature dropped a little bit yesterday and this morning I got in a 2.5 mile run in beautiful weather.  And then it was a good day for creating.  I'm still working on the pile of scraps so here is today's additions to the giveaway pile.  Yes, I think June will shape up to be a good month for giveaways.  Yay!

My little great niece turned one last weekend.  I decided I wanted to make her a doll so here are a couple of prototypes.  They are still works in progress.


I had a handmade Raggedy Ann doll growing up and I loved that doll.  Designing and making these dolls brought back sweet memories.  Maybe Baby B. will enjoy her rag doll just as much as I did.