Envelope Project

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coaster Part Deux

I know I said I wasn't making coasters, but I had a little extra time this afternoon so I sat down at the sewing machine and made one of these.  I think it's adorable.

I like all the furry tales on this one.
No sewing involved - just continuous over/under weaving. 
 My last batch of pillowcases were sent to Haiti via Kansas so I've been working on more.  It's a fast way to use up a yard of fabric and hopefully someone enjoys his/her new pillowcase once I donate them.

Well, another weekend is almost over.  I had a lot of creative time so I'm happy.  I did some sewing, some weaving, drew some envelopes, watched some movies, hung out with my family and after surviving a sore hamstring and calf strain, I managed a small run this evening.  Life is good!!  I hope your weekend was filled with special moments and lasting memories!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

College Try

I woke up this morning and had another idea . . . so I dug into the scrap pile and gave it the good 'ole college try . . .

This was the intended use, but once it was finished, I had a few more ideas on what to do with these things so I'm off to see the wizard (Kansas reference) and find out if my brain activity is viable.  Yikes!

This was where my inspiration came from at 5 a.m. 
Pretty cool, right??  I'm not making a rug, however, so you'll just have to come back later and see what all the buzz is about . . .